Key figures

Human Resources data at December 31, 2020

At December 31, 2020, Edenred employed 8,834 people in its host countries around the world, representing a decrease of 0.3% from December 31, 2019 (current scope).

Workforce by region

The diversity of geographical locations reflects the Group’s internationalization – 84% of employees worked outside France at the end of 2020.

Workforce by age

A total of 46% of Edenred employees are under 35.


Workforce by job category

A manager is defined as an employee who manages others and/or has a high level of responsibility within the organization. At December 31, 2020, managers accounted for 21% of the workforce, as follows:


Workforce by gender

At December 31, 2020, women accounted for 51% of Edenred’s workforce, as follows:


Hires and departures in 2020

In 2020, the Group hired 1,963 new employees, of whom 38% were in Latin America, 38% in Europe (excluding France), 12% in France, 9% in the Rest of the World and 3% Holding and others. Of these people, 75% were recruited from outside the Group on a permanent contract, while 8% came onboard as part of a transfer of business following the acquisition of external entities.

Over the same period, 2,035 people[1] left the various subsidiaries, mostly (35%) due to resignation, expiration of fixed-term contracts, uncompleted trial periods and retirement. Terminations for any reason whatsoever accounted for 35% of the total, and 74% of those were not collective redundancies.


[1] Does not include promotions or transfers, conversions of temporary contracts into permanent contracts or any long-term leave that may cause a work contract to be suspended but not terminated.