A model for creating responsible, sustainable and profitable value

Edenred provides people at work in 46 countries with solutions for increasingly frictionless, secure and efficient interactions every day. In 2020, the Group’s value creation model proved its worth more than ever before by helping stakeholders in the Edenred ecosystem along the path to a post-Covid world.

2020 figures

Robust, diverse resources

Our capital


Some 10,000 men and women driven by strong values:

  • Passion for customers
  • Respect
  • Imagination
  • Simplicity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • A vast network connecting >50 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 46 countries via >850,000 corporate clients
  • A large brand portfolio deployed in >250 diversified programs
  • Sustainable and profitable growth, with an EBITDA margin of close to 40%
  • A highly cashgenerative business model focused on underpenetrated growth markets
  • A sound financial position: net debt/ EBITDA ratio stable at 1.9x

and payment platform for seamlessly authorizing, managing, tracing and securing payment flows.

  • 86% of business now digital
  • >100 partnerships in 16 countries with online order platforms
  • 32% increase in mobile transactions

Operations resulting in no soil or water pollution, and no significant air pollution

Sensible use of resources.

  • Energy: 1.6 MWh/employee
  • Greenhouse gas: 7,432 tCO2eq emissions
  • Paper: 941 t
  • Plastic: 93 t
  • Actions guided by ethical principles in the 46 countries where the Group operates
  • Specific-purpose payment solutions, supporting the work of public authorities
  • A direct contribution to boosting people’s purchasing power